Wesley Clover

UI and Hardware Design

Wesley Clover Solutions is a multi-national company that provides IP voice communication solutions to enterprises such as financial trading firms, command control, and emergency services centers.

The world of stock trading is fast and intense. With phone calls only lasting on average, 4 seconds, memory recognition and speed is critical. Wesley Clover was looking to bring their pure analog devices into the 21st century with full touch displays. They settled on a hybrid approach as a first step, with a planned full touch release down the road after validation.

The first task was to design the interface. We developed a full suite of guidelines and elements to assist the development team. The design focused on providing a unique, yet familiar, experience. Research told us that straying too far from existing solutions could lead to mistakes, and mistakes can cost these customers a lot of money.

Keys were designed to mimic their physical counterparts, in an effort to drive adoption faster with familiarity. 

The units came in 3 different sizes: Single, Double and Triple setups. On the biggest setup it would be possible to have 8 live lines, 2 handsets, 2 speaker phones and the central microphone.

In addition to the user interface, we designed, developed and had manufactured an adjustable base for the unit. With the pace and high stress of the environment came a set of unique hardware requirements. Traders don't go easy on their hardware, it's used and abused hard. We needed to develop a stand which could stand up to this abuse. 

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