About Me


Hello. I'm Ian Murchison, born in Ottawa, Canada, where I currently reside. Design and its complex multi-facets have become the focus of my career. While I currently work as a senior user experience designer, my training comes from the Industrial Design program at Carleton University.

I have a few hobbies. I ride motorcycles, I race drones, and I fail horribly at competing against my elderly neighbours' perfectly manicured lawns.


Come hang out with fellow design enthusiasts

I host a somewhat-bimonthly meet up with designers in the city. I've been doing this for about 8 years now. Attendance has never been better. We used to have other chapters, but there's no doubt this take time to organize. If you're interested in hosting a chapter just let me know!




2017 Interior Design Show (Toronto, Ontario) - Exhibitor
Prototype Runner Up, Design Lines Winner,  Jurors Choice Toronto Offsite
2016 Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Toronto, Ontario) - Exhibitor
2016 Interior Design Show (Toronto, Ontario) - Exhibitor
Design Lines Winner
2015 Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Toronto, Ontario) – Exhibitor
Design Lines Winner
2014 Interior Design Show (Toronto, Ontario) - Exhibitor 
Design Lines Winner
2014 Design Indaba Conference (Cape Town, South Africa) – Speaker
2013 Red Dot Concept Best of the Best Winner - Maple Set Knives
2011 IDSA Northeast Conference – Speaker
2011 Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) Rocket Competition – Jury Member
2007 Urban Design Award - First Place - Student Category  



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