2012-2017 Housewares brand

Warehouse is a Canadian product design brand that strives to make good design accessible. Focusing on modern design principles and creative materials, Warehouse is committed to true form and function, creating products that are strong, alluring, and versatile by nature.

Warehouse was always meant to be a creative outlet and space for us to learn and experiment. It started out as just that, an experiment. We created a dozen different prototypes of lighting products, housewares, BBQs, bike racks and more. As the business evolved, we focused on monetizing these ideas.

In 2013, we won a Red Dot - Best of the Best award for the Maple Set knives. We were honoured, and long after receiving our award, people were still asking where to buy them. It was 2 years after revealing our prototypes to the public that the knives actually went on sale. We manufactured 500 sets and sold out in about 6 months.

Our products were recognized all around the world in magazines (Wired, Lufthansa, Ottawa, Playboy and many more), and blogs (CNN, Mashable, Gizmodo, Uncrate, Yanko, etc.). We setup our own Shopify store and sold mainly direct to consumer. We also had half a dozen retail outlets selling our goods across the world.

More work viewable on Behance.

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