Nokia Design System

An all encompassing multi library, fully tokenized and themed design system for Nokia.

My role was as a Lead for the Nokia Design System. From hiring and mentoring, to team organization, planning, roadmap and strategic development and execution across design, development and project management. 

A New Generation

I joined Nokia as they had just started work on their next generation of their Design System. I was brought on to lead the design team, plan roadmap goals and drive to delivery.

In 2021 we delivered the newest version of the core component library with a strong drive and focus on delivering a new experience around the coded components. Since then I have been working with development and overseeing our design team as we focus on filling in the system on Guidance and Patterns while rounding out our Accessibility themes and focusing on future development.

2023 brought with it an all new visual style to every single component, an entire rewrite of our tokens, a ground up rebuild of our themeing approach, moving the entire org to Figma and an all new documentation delivery method and site.

Quick facts:

- 1600+ components across 6 Fimga libraries

- 850+ variables

- 1000+ icons

- Fully JSON theme supported

- AA and AAA WCAG Compliance

- Figma support plugin

- Community portal

Welcome to the Nokia Design System.

Video credit: Pauline Anvari


More details coming soon. If you can't wait, let's chat.

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