NeuroQore is an Ottawa-based health technology startup bringing an innovative new therapy unit to market. Rooted in magnetic brain stimulation technology, NeuroQore’s new system supports a range of cognitive and psychiatric disorders. The Federal Inc. assisted in solving a key problem and developing accessories to complete certain tasks. NeuroQore needed to be able to mount their technology and have a doctor or technician be able to manipulate the device around a patient’s head.

Our team designed and developed the chair that would keep the patient comfortable during procedures and testing, the headrest that would support the patient’s head in a way that would allow a doctor or technician could get accurate results, and a hygienic cover for the device so that it could be easily cleaned between patients.

In addition to the physical stand and chair components, we also tackled the redevelopment of their software which runs the whole system. Using insights gained from their existing prototypes and by carrying out user interviews, we designed an interface more fitting of their needs.

We focused on simplicity and user distinctions. We wanted the brains of the machine to make the decisions it needed to make without interference. The controls offered to the standard physician are restricted, but still provide all of the features they need to complete their tasks.

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