Mitel OfficeLink

Cloud based small business solution

Mitel OfficeLink is aimed squarely at the micro to small business market. It's core focus is less about information workers and more about your everyday car dealerships, plumbing companies, construction companies and the like. 

The first step was to better understand this market. Through our partner network and insights sessions with direct end users, we were able to establish a core set of values and features to meet the needs of this market. Our initial customer base would be hybrid clients, those who had existing premise hardware (PBX and desk phones) and would be leveraging this application to supplement that existing experience. This concept in itself can lead to tremendous feature creep because of existing systems, so it was critical to really focus on the core needs as derived from the insights sessions.

The app itself is fairly simplistic. The home screen offers customization akin to the native mobile experience while offering quick links to communication. The top area offers what we call 'Park' keys. Users can place a call on any of these lines, allowing anyone in the organization to pickup and continue the conversation.

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