Mitel Guest Experience Station

Providing the right tools at the right time.

Mitel holds a dominant position when it comes to phone systems in the hospitality industry. In 2016/17, Mitel released a whole new suite of high-end desk phones. The team took this as an opportunity to innovate in the industry.

The core concept behind the GES software is that when a guest calls the main desk (or wherever there may be one of these phones), we will have pre-populated information about that guest, including any wake-up calls they have requested, any restrictions in place, open tickets, etc.

We wanted to offload the dependancy on taking the attendants attention away from the phone in order to be able to look up and manage guest information via a computer. Now they have a wide range of guest information even before they pick up the phone.

Trials have begun in spring 2018 with full GA expected later in the year. We will be using and tracking analytic data through the phones to better understand which features seem to be used more than others. 

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