Mitel CloudLink

Bringing premise based customers to the cloud

Mitel CloudLink is the newest cloud product from this telecom giant. CloudLink is designed to be the company's solution to bring their 70 million customers to the cloud. In order to do accomplish that task, we needed to take on the problem of migrating our existing client base.

The engineering team developed a little black box that made all the magic possible. What I focused on was creating the best onboarding experience for our partners to get their clients onto this new platform.

The CloudLink Gateway Portal is the tool that was developed to ease the onboarding process. I focused on creating a very simple, step by step navigation and layout. We knew that we couldn't overcomplicate things, and that this portal may have eventually been cannibalized by another product. We aimed to be lightweight, straightforward, and single-task minded.

Throughout the development process, we were able to leverage user feedback sessions with our partners and pivot easily based on this feedback. As our new cloud product portfolio grows, as will the onboarding process. We've developed this portal so that growth should only affect a single step in the process.

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