GaitTronics - Solowalk

Assisted walker focused on faster rehabilitation.

GaitTronics Inc. is an innovative rehabilitation robotics company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. A spin-off from Carleton University’s Advanced Biomechatronics and Locomotion Laboratory (ABL), GaitTronics has unique experience in developing innovative rehabilitation technologies that improve patient care, minimize staff workload, and reduce care costs.

At The Federal Inc., we worked with GaitTronics on all 3 iterations of their Solowalk device, from proof of concept to their latest, market ready iteration. With each successive iteration we were able to leverage the existing iterations for extremely valuable user testing and feedback.

The 3rd iteration, seen here, is the result of years of development and mechanical optimization. The footprint is the smallest of all versions, the hardness is the most adjustable and accommodating, and the operators controller fully capable.

The team needed to make sure the unit was fully serviceable. The design is anchored around two large, 1/5" aluminum plates and 4 removable fibreglass housings. The bold blue colours were chosen as a staple to stand apart from the traditional, blend-in, clinical colours.

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